Free Simple Sticker Mockup (PSD)

Simple Sticker Mockup
Simple Sticker Mockup 2

Stickers, in a way or another, are a two-way street when it comes to communication. They introduce to us as much as they introduce us. And we believe it’s time you show your own interests with your spectacular designs, that’s why we present this simple sticker mockup, available with a free help file. Pick your cause, give it an identity, and allow, with eye-catching designs, a first-glance intrigue. With Cher lyrics or Yoda quotes, Garfield illustrations and games icons, fast-food restaurant branding designs and university logos, you can show the dedication and more by simply inserting your designs with the smart object layers and featuring them within a realistic design that shows that, even with time, quality is maintained.

The free resource from Graphic Pear even enables you to present the color of the sticker’s back and change the color of the background.

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